Holenko Dlab, Martina; Botički, Ivica; Hoić- Božić, Nataša; Looi, Chee-Kit

The paper presents research in the field of mobile computer supported collaborative learning (mCSCL). The aim of this research is to enhance synchronous collaborative learning activities in primary school context by introducing adaptivity. In order to determine the best niche for such adaptivity support, a set of trial experiments were designed in a primary school. In the experiments, students were asked to complete mathematics assignments on tablet computers in a one-to-one mobile learning setup. They were working in groups of two and three in three main roles: authors, editors and checkers. Log files were analyzed in order to extract students’ activity performance in the assigned roles. The analysis results showed differences in task completion time as well as in efficiency when working in specific roles. To overcome the identified issues, adaptive support model consisting of adaptive group formation, adaptive role assignment and adaptive task assignment is proposed.

Published in: Proceedings of the 9th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies - EDULEARN17, srpanj, 2017

Botički, Ivica; Uzelac, Nino; Holenko Dlab, Martina

This paper presents the Author system for designing and delivering interactive and multimedia-based learning lessons. The system is designed as a generic tool for building learning contents and as a multi-platform content delivery tool. Every web application is considered to be a widget that can be imported into the system and then made collaborative. By specifying collaboration attributes such widgets are empowered with synchronous collaborative support to be used in and out of the classroom, depending on the devices available to students and the teachers. The paper presents the system design, two collaborative widgets for synchronous math learning in pairs and triplets and the initial experiences in deploying and using the system in early primary school settings.

Published in: Proceedings of the International Mobile Learning Festival (IMLF), Hong kong, lipanj, 2017

Botički, Ivica; Martina Holenko Dlab; Hoić-Božić Nataša

This paper presents the results of a mobile learning research project in Croatia, Europe with a special focus on synchronous collaborative in-class learning. As part of the project, technology for learning mathematics in pairs and triplets was developed and used in first, second and third primary school grades in a neighborhood primary school in Croatia. Students were learning through digital lessons by engaging in group work in different roles: editors and checkers when learning in pairs ; and authors, editors and checkers when learning in triplets. Digital lessons were co-designed with the help of primary school teachers so that the contents were aligned with the lesson plans and the curriculum. The collected software logs and classroom observation data was then triangulated with the student background information consisting of their academic success and engagement. On a macro level, the analysis shows that students, even first-graders, are able to successfully engage in synchronous collaborative math learning. Results indicate the need for a more adaptive group and role assignment mechanisms to better support learners in different tasks and stages of their learning.

Published in: Proceedings of the Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2017, svibanj, 2017