Neven Drljević; Domančić, Mirna; Botički, Ivica; Kajkara, Manuela.

This poster presents a model for augmented mobile learning used as part of a Croatian mobile learning research project. The project seeks to transform primary school teaching and learning experiences via novel tablet computer application approaches. The paper presents the design of modules for augmented mobile learning that are to be used on multiple mobile platforms as part of digital mobile learning lessons developed in the project.

Published in: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference of the Learning Sciences, June, 2016

Drljević, Neven; Wong, Lung Hsiang; Botički, Ivica.

The paper provides a high-level review of the current state of techno-pedagogical design in Augmented Reality Learning Experiences (ARLEs). The review is based on a rubric constructed from the Meaningful Learning with ICT framework and the Orchestration Load reduction framework, providing, respectively, a view of primarily student- and primarily teacher-focused dimensions in ARLEs. 59 ARLEs are reviewed based on an extensive search for papers based on both previous work in the field as well as academic databases. Exemplars for specific situations are provided as well as a correlation analysis between dimensions and an overall view of the maturity of the field in terms of relevant techno-pedagogical considerations, giving ARLE practitioners practical information on the current state of the field as well as assistance in better positioning their future ARLE design efforts.

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, April, 2017

Kajkara, Manuela; Drljević, Neven; Botički, Ivica.

Projekt SCOLLAm ima za cilj istraživanje novih načina podučavanja temeljenih na učenju na pokretnim ureĎajima u hrvatskom obrazovnom kontekstu. Članak donosi izvještaj o rezultatima preliminarnih istraživanja o korištenju digitalnih lekcija s elementima proširene stvarnosti razvijenih u sklopu SCOLLAm projekta u prvim i drugim razredima osnovnih škola kroz uočene korisničke priče učenika.

Published in: Proceedings of the CARNet User Conference 2016 (CUC2016), November, 2016