From 28th to the 30th September 2014, a counseling titled "Computer in school XVIII" was held in Šibenik, Croatia. The theme of this year's meeting was "IT education and increase of the competitiveness." The backbone of the counseling was to debate on the definition of information contents that should be included in the compulsory curriculum of primary and secondary schools.

As part of the 16th CARNet Users Conference CUC 2014, held in Zagreb from 19th to 21th November 2014., a BoF session on the topic "What should we do with the tablets in the classroom?". The main topis was the use of tablet computers in schools.

As a part of the Day of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, November 21, 2014., a new scientific projects at FER were presented in the faculty lobby. Project SCOLLAm was presented with a poster through which all interested parties could find out basic information about the project, its methodology and main objectives. Also, the poster presented short overview of our previous work, with some exaples of prototype mobile educational applications, and our views and vision of the future.