On Thursday and Friday, 10 and 11 March 2016, the first experiments testing the SCOLLAm Augmented Reality (AR) Learning Experiences (ARLEs) were held. First and second grade pupils at Primary School Trnjanska therefore had opportunity to test their math skills throuh the AR.math ARLE which asks pupils to find a solution to a math problem (addition, subtraction or multiplication of two numbers) by "scanning" with their tablets the correct answer given on a paper marker. The problems were designed seperately for the first and second grade in line with the curriculum and their progess at the time of the experiments.

In early March 2016, the project team began conducting regular weekly in-class experiments. The experiments will last until the end of the school year, during which a number of digital lessons will be developed and tested, together with several different approaches to collaboration and a variety of additional modules for our inForm platform, such as the AR module and digital lesson Widgets. The experiments include students in the first, second and third grade.

In January and February of 2016. modules for learning through games were developed and tested. The modules are placed within the inForm Author application (and are included into the existing Author learning lessons in the form of self-contained JavaScript applications, so-called "Author widgets"), enabling for easy creation of interactive and dynamic digital lessons. Four different modules were developed and tested: Basic Math module (module for practice of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), Memory module, Pair Matching Game ("open Memory") and Simple Questions module.